Bath Powders – A Perfect Lazy Day Luxury

bath powderI decided that today is a perfect day to indulge in some pampering activities, and my first activity is going to be a nice hot bath. It’s sleeting outside right now in my little world. I picked up my daughter early from school, and we are laid out on the couch in pajamas with no plans to do anything the rest of the evening. I thought it would be a perfect time to create and share my latest obsession, bath powders.

What are Bath Powders?

Basically a bath powder is exactly what it sounds like – a powder that you put into your bath water. You will want to put the powder in something to keep your tub from becoming a huge mess. I like to use little muslin tea bags, but you can also use pantyhose, a piece of cheesecloth or a mesh tea ball.

The top ingredient in your bath powder is ground oats. You can create these very easily. Just buy old fashioned oats – not the instant oatmeal, the regular whole oats that you make oatmeal with. Throw some oats in your grinder or food processor and now you have ground oats. Yeah I know, it’s super simple.

You can throw a handful of ground oats in a muslin tea bag, place it under running water and you’ll have a wonderful, soothing, milky bath. Your skin will thank you, as will your wallet. Then you can use the rest of your oats to make some nice oatmeal. I love multi-purpose ingredients!

valentines bath powder 4The Many Uses for Ground Oats

Ground oats are what you will find in the soothing oatmeal baths on the market. Oats are wonderful on irritated skin and gentle enough for the whole family. An oatmeal bath is a perfect treatment for everything from sunburn to poison ivy.

Ground oats can be more than just a bath powder though. They are also a fantastic facial and body cleanser. You can find plenty of expensive, name brand “cleansing grains” out there which use ground oats as a main ingredient.

As with the bath powder, you can use the ground oats alone as a facial cleanser. Take a spoonful of oats, add a little water until you have a paste, then rub all over your CLEAN face using circular motions. Oats won’t remove your makeup, but they are a perfect cleansing, soothing grain. I like to use them first thing in the morning as a facial cleanser.

DSC_0199Bath Powder Additives

There are many things you could add to your bath powder. Just throw in any flowers and herbs that would go nicely in the bathtub. I like to grind up flowers and add those in the bath powder. You don’t have to grind them up, but if you do they will mix into the water more easily giving you the maximum benefits.

My soothing lavender and oats bath powder is simply ground oats and ground dried lavender. I use it daily as a morning facial cleansing grain as well as in the bathtub as a bath powder. It’s mild enough for a baby, but also fantastic for adults too. In my flowery oats bath powder, I layered ground oats, hibiscus flowers, lavender and rosebuds. The layering is simply for visual effect.

Here are a few more great bath powder additions:

Chamomile – Soothing and great to relax and help with sleep. Stay away from chamomile if you are pregnant and if you have ragweed allergies.

Calendula – Soothes irritated skin, great for acne and cramps. Stay away from calendula if you are pregnant and if you have ragweed allergies.

Green Tea – Detoxifying and replenishing additive. You can add in loose leaves, throw a green tea bag in your water or even brew some green tea and toss it in your bath.

Rosemary & Peppermint – Great for a “wake up” bath powder.

Baking Soda – Cleansing, anti-fungal and detoxifying. This dissolves easily so you don’t have to put baking soda inside your tea bag.

Echinacea & Goldenseal – I like to add these to my own flu season bath tea. I include peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils to open up sinuses.

Essential Oils – Add a few drops into your tea bag to boost the aroma of your natural herbs and flowers!


Check out my soothing lavender and oats bath powder and my flowery oats bath powder for sale or make your own and tell me about it in the comments!


* All information is for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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