Websites + Resources

Cosmetic Resources

EWG’s Skin Deep – Cosmetics database with rankings

EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning - Enter your favorite cleaners in the search to see how they rank

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Beautorium - Natural and organic beauty emporium

Face Naturals – Naturally organic, safe skin for the whole family

DIY Beauty Blogs & Websites

Fresh-Picked Beauty - Now that I have a good base of oils, butters, and beauty products on hand, this is my favorite blog to find new recipes. If you are just starting out as a DIY beauty explorer, some of the ingredients on this site may be a bit out of reach, but it’s still a great resource.

Crunchy Betty - There’s enough information on this site to keep you busy for the next year with DIY beauty items. This blog is the number one reason that I began my own journey into a healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in DIY beauty, start here with her best posts. She also sells products of her own in the Crunchy Betty Market. I bought her “Kokomo Cream Deodorant” and “Down with the Puffness Coffee & Grapefruit Sleekifying Facial Mask”. Both are wonderful!

The Detox Diva

Wellness Mama

The Nerdy Farm Wife - Great DIY beauty projects as well as food recipes. One of my favorite tutorials on this site is one where she breaks down exactly how to make lip balm with substitutions and options.

Keeper of the Home

The Holistic Mama

Saffron Rouge

One Good Thing by Jillee

Vintage Savoir Faire

AromaWeb – This is a great site with essential oil profiles and aromatherapy recipes. I often use the recipes and essential oil information as a good starting point.

Soap Queen  - Considering making your own soaps? This site has absolutely everything you need to know about melt & pour soaps, cold process soaps and rebatched soaps. Check out Soap Queen TV for some great tutorials. This site was a life saver for me as I began learning about soap creations.

DIY Beauty Supplies

Mountain Rose Herbs - My personal favorite because I am behind their ethics 100%. This is a zero waste company based in the US. You can order directly from them, but if you live on the East Coast, expect high shipping prices. Often I purchase their products when I just need smaller quantities at my local health food store – Healthy Home Market. This site is also a great place to do research on products. Next to each of the products they sell is a little “Learn More” button. I like to research essential oils and carrier oils that I’m not familiar with on this site.

New Directions Aromatics - This is where I get most of my bulk supplies. They do carry supplies that I wouldn’t use in my products, but they also carry many organic oils and products that are sourced in the US so I simply do my research before purchasing specific items. The prices are fantastic, and they often have specials. Shipping can be high, but you will still spend less than purchasing items at a local store. I am also very impressed with the amount of information on their products. Unlike many other bulk suppliers, they let you know exactly what you are getting including certifications and source information.

Sunburst Bottle – This is where I purchase the majority of my bottles and jars. Expect to pay the same amount in shipping as you do for the products though if you are on the East Coast. Even with the steep shipping, the prices still come out more reasonable than I’ve found anywhere else.

Specialty Bottle – Another site that sells containers.



These are all books that I personally own and use extensively. If you purchase through the Amazon links below, a small portion of the price goes back to this site. Thanks for your support!

Real Food, Organic Food & Healthy Lifestyle

100 Days of Real Food - A blog all about cutting out processed foods. I get school lunch ideas from this site as well as great recipes and information. She has a free 5 week meal plan with full grocery lists, recipes and cost that has been invaluable for me.

Food Babe - Vani spends her time investigating what’s in your food. Check out her top posts here.

Living Maxwell - A guide to organic food and drink

Kris Carr - Kris has been living healthy with cancer for over 10 years. She is a best selling author, wellness activist and a fun read. I adore her book Crazy, Sexy Diet which I link to below in the books section.

Dr. Mercola

Dr. Deepak Chopra

The Center for Food Safety

Chemical Cuisine

Truth in Labeling

Center for Science and Public Interest

Label Watch

Food Facts -What’s in your food?



Local (Charlotte, NC) ~ Support your local businesses!

Grocery Stores

Healthy Home Market - One on Independence Boulevard an one on South Boulevard in Southend.

Whole Foods - In the Southpark area

Earth Fare - There is one in Southpark and one out in Ballantyne. If you sign up for their email list, you’ll get some great coupons and also sign up for their text list as well. The best deals are the 5 for $5 promotions!

Farmers’ Markets

7th Street Market

THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND ME SELLING MY PRODUCTS! It’s a small inside market in uptown Charlotte at 7th Street Station – Park in the 7th Street Station parking deck and get 90 minutes of free parking. Just bring your parking ticket in the market to get it validated.

Kings Drive Farmers’ Market

Atherton Mill & Market

Conveniently located in Southend Charlotte right next to the light rail. My daughter and I love to make an afternoon adventure of farmers’ markets by going to this market then taking the light rail to the 7th Street Market uptown.

Charlotte Farmers’ Market

Located near the airport and operated by the state of NC. This is the only market that stays open year round.

1801 Yorkmont Rd. Charlotte, NC 28217

March-September Tuesday-Saturday 8am-6pm

May-August Sunday 12:30pm-6pm

October-February Tuesday-Saturday 8am-5pm

CRAFT BARNMarch-December 8am-2pm only on Saturdays

Matthews Community Farmers’ Market

All products at this market are grown, raised or made within 50 miles of Matthews

Davidson Farmers’ Market

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