What Does “Small Keys” Mean?

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Generally when new people walk up to my shop, they look a little confused for a minute as they try to put together what the name “Small Keys” has to do with the products they see in front of them.. I thought I’d just take a moment to explain how I came up with the name Small Keys and why I’m always so obsessed with keys.

I’m not positive where the key obsession initially started, but for as long as I can remember I’ve loved the symbolism of keys and doorways (as in, new beginnings). I’ve collected a variety of keys over the years and some of my keys are more memorable than others. One of my favorites is a beautiful diamond key necklace symbolizing the birth of my daughter and that new door in my life. I even have a key tattooed on the back of my neck symbolizing another new door to my life a few years ago. So this was part of the story of my name, a new door for me in opening this new company, but the meaning goes much deeper.

A couple of years ago, I started reading up on what was in products and studying labels and began making some of my own products, I became obsessed with what I was putting on my body and in my home. I started throwing things away and buying ingredients. The more I read, the more overwhelmed I became. If I really wanted to do what was healthiest for me and my daughter, I needed to get rid of every single thing we used on a daily basis…and I needed to throw out our food and all the plastic, and then I started reading about the chemicals sprayed on furniture and the dyes in clothes, and it went on and on and on. I started to become overwhelmed and then…

I GOT PISSED OFF…I feel like we, as consumers are assumed to be ignorant. We believe the hype surrounding beauty claims, we don’t read our labels, and most of the time we feel like we don’t even have a choice on what we put in and on our bodies…limited by finances, ignorant of ingredients and exhausted trying to keep up.

So I took matters into my own hands, started educating myself, starting throwing out the horrible toxins, stopped listening to the ads and started doing my own research. Then my home full of concoctions began to interest those around me, and that was the beginning… the beginning of small steps, small keys, tiny changes that are leading through much bigger doors.


  • Because the marketing moguls assume we are ignorant and can be convinced that glossy ads = miracle results
  • Because we are poisoning our bodies and our children’s bodies daily through the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the products we use on a daily basis.
  • Because every small step makes a difference in my well being and my daughter’s future.
  • Because the more I know, the more I am morally required to share my findings. I can’t sit idly by and watch my friends filling their kids and homes with toxic substances.
  • Because my friends, family and now customers are starting to look at labels and ask questions instead of merely saying I’ve lost my mind.

Small Keys is all about taking baby steps…baby steps towards a less toxic lifestyle. Sometimes I don’t make the healthiest choices, but I don’t beat myself up. I know that I’m doing better than I was a year ago. Every piece of knowledge is power.

You are probably like me; you want to live in a non-toxic environment. You want more sustainable life, but you are busy, overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

I strive to educate others about the toxic substances in our household, beauty and bath products. Through education, we begin the process of change…through Small Steps!

About Toni South

I am a mom who has become a fanatic about handmade bath and beauty products after much research into the toxic chemicals that I was surrounding myself with. I am striving to educate others as I learn myself. I'm an experimenter, learner and teacher!

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